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Annuity Plan
Loan Application Packet - if you are purchasing a vehicle, land, or a home; need a home improvement or home retention loan, student loan(s), disability loan, or funeral expenses loan.
​The Iron Workers District Council Annuity Trust is designed to supplement your other retirement benefits. When you become a participant in the Annuity Plan, an individual account is established in your name. Employer contributions are made on your behalf to your individual account. You choose how to invest the employer contributions made to the Annuity Plan by contacting Mass Mutual at 1‑800‑743‑5274. 

Please take time to review the Annuity Summary Plan Description. If you are married, share the information with your spouse. If you have questions about your benefits please contact the Annuity Trust Office at 1‑800‑331‑4277.  

The following electronic forms are available for you to complete, print and return to the Annuity Trust Office if you are requesting a Loan, or in the event of a Distribution request. Before accessing the below forms, you must download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these forms. 
Distribution Request Packet - used to request payout of funds in the event of your retirement, termination, or disability.
Beneficiary and Alternate Payee Distribution Request Packet - used to request payout of funds as a beneficiary (as a result of the plan participant's death) or as an alternate payee (if there is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).
Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.  If you have or are required to submit a QDRO, visit the QDRO page for sample forms for Annuity and Pension with or with Child Support Orders.
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