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Weekly Disability Income Benefits
Please contact the Benefit Trust Office at 1.800.331.4277 to determine whether you are eligible for this benefit.  This benefit is only available to Active Participants.  You are not eligible if you are Retired or on Self-Pay. 

Your Benefit Summary Plan Description includes details to assist you to determine your eligibility, coverage amount, how to file a claim, and much more. 

Weekly Disability Income Benefits are provided for our members through the Benefit Trust Office.

If you become totally disabled, you may be eligible if:
  • You are eligible for coverage under the Plan on the date you become disabled;
  • You become totally disabled as a result of a non-occupational accidental injury or illness; 
  • You are under the care of a duly-qualified Physician; and
  • Receive certification of the disability from a qualified Physician.

Benefits begin on the:
  • First full day of disability due to a non-occupational accident; or
  • Eighth day of disability due to illness unless you are inpatient before the eighth day of disability in which case benefits will begin on the day of your inpatient hospital admission. 
  • The maximum period of disability benefits is 26 weeks for each period of disability for accident or illness; or three weeks for one period of disability per lifetime for inpatient treatment of drug or alcohol-related treatment. 

To file a claim, please complete the Weekly Disability Income Claim Form  and submit to the Benefit Trust Office.

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      If you are disabled on or after 12/1/2015 as a result of an Off-the-Job Accident, you may be    eligible for a benefit through IMPACT's Off-the-Job Accident Plan. For more information regarding eligibility for benefits, and to download a claim form, please visit http://www.impact-net.org/programs/off-the-job-accident​ or call Welfare & Pension Administration Service, Inc. (WPAS) at 800.331.6158.