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Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
Please contact the Benefit Trust Office at 1.800.331.4277 if you have questions regarding your HRA. 

Your Benefit Summary Plan Description includes details to assist you to determine your eligibility, contributions to your HRA, allowable expenses, and much more.  The minimum required claim reimbursement amount is $25 unless your HRA balance is less than that, in which case your claim must be for the entire remaining balance. 

Claims and Reimbursement Procedures:
You can use your HRA to reimburse yourself for eligible health care expenses.  Claims must be filed within twelve months from the date the expenses were incurred.   

To file a claim, please complete and return the HRA Claim Form along with all required documentation necessary to process the claim.  Any claim that is denied in whole or in part due to a lack of sufficient funds in the HRA must be refiled to receive reimbursement in the future.  Claims will not be automatically reprocessed once funds become available. 

Authorizing Payment of Premiums:
You can use your HRA to make premium self-payments if you do not elect COBRA when your eligibility as an Active Participant ends, and after the balances in your hour bank and/or money bank are exhausted.  Similarly, you can use your HRA to make Retiree premium payments if you do not elect COBRA when you retire.  If you do not have enough HRA dollars remaining, you must pay the remainder of your self-payment or retiree premium payment directly to the Benefit Trust Office.  To pay premiums out of your HRA, please complete and return the HRA Premium Payment Claim Form

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