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Hearing Aid Benefits
Please contact the Benefit Trust Office at 1.800.331.4277 to determine whether you are eligible for benefits under this Plan.  This plan is only available to Active Participants and Dependents.  You are not eligible if you are Retired or on Self-Pay. 

Your Benefit Summary Plan Description includes details to assist you to determine your eligibility, covered and non-covered expenses, how to file a claim, your appeal rights, and much more. 

Hearing Aid Benefits are provided by the Benefit Trust Office.

Services must be performed and a prescription provided by a licensed physician.  Expenses are considered to be incurred on the date the service is provided. 

Eligible Hearing Aid Expenses:
  • Hearing Aid Exams to determine need for hearing aid(s): Covered once every 24-month period.
  • Hearing Aid Instruments: Covered at 80% up to a maximum of $2,000 once every 36-month period.

Benefits are paid based on reasonable charges for you and your family.  You must complete a Medical Claim Form and submit it along with your detailed claim receipt(s) to the Benefit Trust Office.
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